Rockhouse releases final video in Series One

Vlad takes on George Lynch in Dream Warriors by Dokken

Interesting facts about this song:

Written by members George Lynch & Jeff Pilson for the movie A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. The song was released as a single in 1987, charting at number 22 on the Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart, and was also released on Dokken’s fourth album, Back for the Attack. While 22 doesn’t sound particularly impressive, at the time, it was considered a major hit. The Elm Street movies were hugely popular. The video was ranked as the #1 “Killer ’80s Heavy Metal Horror Movie Music [Video]” by VH1 in 2015. The single itself was certified Platinum. It was only played during the closing credits of the film.

Why did Rockhouse choose it?

We all love Dokken, and wanted to do at least one song from this iconic 80’s band. While we had many to choose from, this version of Dream Warriors won out because of the balance between soaring vocals and guitar work. While probably not the most technically challenging song in the Dokken catalog, it does require very tight, precise rhythms that Rockhouse thrives on. We hope you enjoy this step back in time, to an era where hard rock bands were at the peak of their cultural influence.