Rockhouse releases next video in Series One

The Jake E. Lee masterpiece Bark at the Moon by Ozzy

Interesting facts about this song:

This was the first single released from his 1983 album Bark at the Moon – the first album released after the untimely death of Randy Rhoades. Many fans were unsure what direction the new Ozzy music might take. With new then-unheard-of guitarist Jake E. Lee on board, the worries were unfounded. This new album was an immediate classic.

The music video produced for the song saw Ozzy in full werewolf monster makeup. The make-up effects were done by Rick Baker, best known for his work on John Landis’s An American Werewolf in London and the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The video is one the very first Osbourne had made for the new media outlet MTV. Drummer Tommy Aldridge played on the studio recording of the track, but the video features his replacement in the band, Carmine Appice.

Why did Rockhouse choose it?

Jake E. Lee’s incredible guitar work on this song really gave Vlad a chance to shine. We’re all quite happy with how it turned out. The guitar work is extremely tight and accurate, and Dave’s vocals really come on strong. Overall, we love this new era of Ozzy and wanted to give our nod to one of his best songs.